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Gall Attack!

Gall Attack

and What You Can Do About It

Gallbladder attacks are very painful and can be frightening. This is the main

reason why most people opt immediately for gallbladder surgery  after experiencing just

one of those attacks and doctors are more than ready to rush you to the hospital for a very

profitable operation.  


However there is a natural Chinese herbal supplement that

can not only manage the pain and the discomfort, but actually dissolve the stones

 in the majority of cases as well , preventing the need for surgery.

The Dreaded Gallbladder Attack

                                                   The attacks usually happen at night, or after a large meal with fatty food.  Proper diet

                                                   is the right way to prevent various possible complications, and it can also help you

                                                   relieve the painful symptoms of gallbladder disease.


                                                   Those who suffer from gallstones or gallbladder inflammation are at risk of having

                                                   gallbladder attacks. Unfortunately the symptoms can be non-specific, meaning, you

                                                   can be completely unaware that you have gallstones.


                                                   It is important to know the symptoms of gallbladder disease, so you can visit your

                                                   doctor in time. However since most doctors have not been thought in medical

                                                   schooling about natural and herbal healing, they consider these to be useless,

                                                   therefore surgery is the general norm for them.

              The Symptoms of Gallbladder Attack                 

                                                   Gallbladder attack is always a very painful experience. In some cases the pain can

                                                   become unbearable.  Gallbladder attacks usually start with pain that first occurs on the

                                                   right side of one’s abdomen and then it can spread on the right shoulder or back.

                                                   Also These Symptoms Can be Present:

                                                     Biliary colic (severe pain in the abdomen)
                                                     Abdominal Pain

YIDAN Formula TM

Also known as the gallbladder and kidney savior


Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists to Promote Dissolving

Gallbladder and Kidney Stones and Relieving Pain


                                                  This dietary supplement has been used in China for centuries to promote dissolving of

                                                  gall and kidney stone. It also supports cleansing damp-heat and toxic heat in the liver and

                                                  gallbladder, harmonizes the middle burner.  Now in the US for the past six years, exclusively

                                                  manufactured for NaturalyPure Health Products, LLC.


                                                  Chinese herbalists developed this product specifically to help support dissolving acute

                                                  and chronic gall and kidney stones and to help diminish any pain that may be present.


                                                  Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed dosage.


                                        Packing: 180 tablets per bottle. (One Month Supply).


                                        The Ingredients: 

                                                  Glauber's Salt, White Vanadium, Radix Curcumae (root), Radix Scrophulariae (root), 

                                                  Radix Glycyrrhizae (root), Flower Lonicerae (flower).


No Need to Suffer Another Gall Attack, Order Yours Now!


                                            YIDAN Formula TM - 180 Tablets / 30 day supply

                                $49.95 (Price Includes U.S. Shipping & Handling)      

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